Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 months old - Happy Halloween!

Emma will be 10 months old on Saturday.  I have not updated the blog lately mainly because life is a little more exciting with a mobile child!  Here's a brief update...

Eating: Emma is down to 4 feedings a day, three of them with solids.  Unfortunately she loves feeding herself more than she likes us feeding her.  This can cause some conflict during dinner time (between strong willed momma and determined daughter).  She enjoys feeding herself puffs, cheerios, banana, bread, etc.  Still working on Mandarin oranges.  She is also eating yogurt and baby food with meat.  She still LOVES sweet potatoes and bananas (not together).

Napping/Sleeping: Emma takes a short 45 minute to 1 hour nap in the morning and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  She sleeps 11 hours at night.  Praise the Lord for that!  She has always been a great napper and has been sleeping through the night since around 9-10 weeks (of course we went through the whole reversion thing but she got the hang of it really well around 5 months).

Stats:  She's petite, I know.  You don't have to remind me.  She is still in 9 month clothes, size 2 shoe and size 3 diaper.  But she's healthy, so I'll take it.  She has not had a single ear infection and I pray she stays well through the cold/flu season.  Pretty amazing considering I think I catch more colds than her from just walking into daycare to drop her off!  Her health is a huge praise and answer to prayer for our family.

Teeth: Emma has 4 teeth and 2 just broke through on top this past week.  I imagine that 2 more will break through on the bottom soon. 

Mobility:  Emma is mobile.  She's got the speed crawl down.  She can also walk pretty well with our help.  She is cruising around the house like crazy! 

Vocab:  She is very quiet and observant and doesn't like a whole lot in her face (sounds like she got that honest from her no drama momma).  She can say bye bye, mama, and dada.  Although, she only says mama when she's crying.  Oh, and Gracie is "ga."  She does the funny, toddler backwards wave and will even give you a high five (with a little encouragement).

Interests:  She LOVES music.  She can do some hand motions.  She claps and bounces to a beat; it's pretty darn cute if you ask me!  Oh, and she is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth.  I scraped out paper, toilet paper, magazine paper, and leaves out of the girls mouth last week... 
In October, we celebrated her first Halloween and we were away from her for the first time for a full week.  I'll leave you with a few fun pics.

Everything goes in this child's mouth!
Future music lover for sure.  My mom is a fantastic pianist - Emma's one lucky girl.
Emma gives Halloween a thumbs up
Emma helping dada clean out the pumpkin...

Trunk or Treat at FBCT.  We love our church.

My sweet ladybug

Mommy and Daddy take a mini-vacation to Colorado - beautiful place.  If things don't work out here in B'ham, we know where we're going to move.  I'll even deal with the snow to see this beautiful place every day!  I'm sure Denver could use another software guy and a bean counter :)

Many Parks Curve on Trail Ridge Rd -the furthest point we could go b/c the highest paved road in the US was already covered in snow.

Our view from Estes Park

Emerald Lake Hike

This is a gorgeous hike to Beirstadt Lake in the Rockies but unfortunately I could not summit b/c of my intense fear of heights. I did push up the mountain 3/4 the way and was rewarded with some incredible views. This hike has a 500-600 foot elevation gain.
Love this guy!

Thanks Aunt Dana and Cousin Elise for the cute clothes!

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