Monday, July 8, 2013

Missing My Girl

Monday was hard.  I had 4.5 days straight at home with my girl and Josh was home for 3 of those days.  I really miss my family when I'm at work, but we had a wonderful long weekend!  We also had a few firsts this 4th of July week.

Emma saw her first fireworks show and she ate avocado for the first time (which looks like green slime when pureed).  She is not a huge fan of the texture of avocado, but I'm going to keep trying.  I'm determined to fight her becoming a picky eater.  We will see how strong willed we both are by the end of this....

Josh and I helped with the church nursery for the first time this Sunday.  We kept 5 other babies (6 mo to 1 year) along with our 6 month old.  Emma was awesome and took her morning nap with all the chaos but Daddy is not so sure he wants any more kids -- at least not anytime soon (sorry, Grams and Memaw - I'll keep working on him though).  Josh did a fantastic job of holding and rocking the crying babies.  He's a natural (especially with little girls) - even though he won't admit it.  We had a good time and all babies got snacks and diaper changes.  Josh and I were exhausted afterwards - props go to the families out there with more than 2 kids and mommas of multiples.... that is HARD work (much harder than a multistate tax return or working 60+ hours a week)!  But I will say that I noticed a huge difference in my Baby Wise babies :)  They were much less clingy and easier to handle without mommy around.  I highly recommend the eat, play, sleep routine and actually having a nap routine with kids especially if you are going to put your child in nursery or daycare. 

Side Note - If you have not volunteered for your church nursery - DO IT!  You don't know how big a blessing this ministry is both to you and to the parents you serve. 

A few pics from our fun filled weekend....
On our way to "The Mall" in the Cahaba Project to watch the Trussville Fireworks Show and visit with friends.

Sweet babies - (missing 1 newborn and this is only 5 young families and I think the oldest child pictured here is 3). 
We have our hands full for sure!  God definitely blessed us!!

"Mom really, green slime?"
This was my first attempt at feeding her avocado.

Pig tails (or antenna as Josh calls them)

Gracie and Emma playing "who can get out more toys for Mom to clean up?" - Gracie won this round...

Showing off my ruffles during nap time after church.
(Yes, this is how we find her most mornings and I promise I lay her on her back to sleep.)

"I love bananas!"
Look close b/c it's all over her (see the "finger painting" on her tray?)...
I'm going to have my hands full with this little red head!

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