Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy 1/2 Birthday and Fun with Grandparents

Today Emma is 6 months old!  SIX MONTHS!!  I cannot believe we have been parents for 6 months.  I know that doesn't sound long to OUR parents who have 30-something year old kids but I feel like these past 6 months have flown by.  A lot has changed.  Josh and I have less free time, more chores, less money and whole lot more SMILES.  I'll trade all the time and money for those sweet smiles though and I think Josh would agree.

At 6 months Emma can roll around all over the place, sit tripod style, and stand propped up against furniture.  She has great head/neck control and pretty good coordination with her hands.  She is still working on back and arm strength, but I have a feeling that when those muscles strengthen that Josh and I will have to get our running shoes on to keep up with her!  She has tried bananas and homemade rice cereal, but we haven't really started solids in her daily feeding schedule.  We probably won't for a while per guidance of our pediatrician.  She is holding her bottle by herself and is trying to figure out what in the world a sippy cup is.

We have been on the road the past two weekends.  One weekend in Huntsville for Elise's 3rd birthday party and the following weekend in Auburn.  Emma had a blast hanging out with family.  She loves her grandparents (and great grandparent).  She found a new buddy in Clayton and absolutely adores Aunt Steph.  We have two incredible families who are just amazing and so supportive.  I hate being two hours away from both families, but our jobs are good in Birmingham and our living expenses are manageable so I think we are stuck in between for now in our little 1700 square foot home on a hill.

Emma has her 6 month checkup tomorrow and I'll post an update from her visit.  Emma has had a runny nose (probably from germ infested daycare) the past few days.  I'm hoping it won't turn into a cold or ear infection. 

Below are a few pics from our trips... (The cute puppy is the newest addition to the Price/Donnelly Family - Cain!)


A few pics of her eating adventures and holding her own bottle....



Justin and Marcie said...

I had no idea you had a blog!!!! LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to read more about Emma. I can't believe she's 6 months old already either! I feel like you just had her!!! Time is going to keep on flying so enjoy every moment. LOVE her red hair!!

Josh Shores said...

Love this...and I know our families will as well.

Melanie said...

Thanks Marcie

Melanie said...

Thanks Josh - I hope they enjoy!